Friday, 30 November 2018

Beard Growth Tips

If you would make a chart of grooming in men, you would see that it is now at its absolute (temporary) height. In the meantime, few parts of our body still spring from the dance of care. That is largely an excellent development. Only some men have to be careful that they do not go too far. Beard Growth Spray - Attractive Beard Styles Not for themselves, but for the ladies. 

Beard Growth Spray - Grooming from the eyes of a woman

The danger is that in the long run you will become 'perfect' in the field of care. And strangely enough, it is often not perfect in the eyes of many women. A man who is cared for is quite intimidating and can make women self-conscious and insecure. A woman never wants to feel that the man in question is in front of the mirror for longer than she does and she does not want to feel that she is the less well-cared for the two.

Apart from these uncertainties, it is very attractive for most women if men still have something rough. That scruffy beard, wild locks or little chest hair, evokes something that responds to their (sexual) instincts. These masculine aspects allow her to feel even more female, so that she will desire you even more as a man.

Many ladies also believe that men, by removing these masculine elements, also part of their spontaneity and masculinity. Not many women are waiting for a man who always remains that neat, neat gentleman. It is not that nice.

Do not be afraid to throw off that proverbial tie, just like your hair. And choose a grooming level that suits you well, both in terms of person and appearance. Therefore, explore contrasts that can compliment both your personality and clothing. For example, you can easily combine a neat cut with a somewhat fierce beard or a casual outfit. The same applies to gentlemen who like to walk in suits. In that case it is also good to keep something wild in your clean appearance. However, this rough edge can of course also come from your personality.

Should men shave their armpits, or not?

Grooming aka manscaping is what every modern man should do. How far you have to go, however, always remains a difficult issue. Certain zones like your legs are no-go areas when it comes to razor blades. But what about the armpits? First of all you have to ask yourself why you would want to shave your armpits. Is it because your girlfriend asked you, you think it better, or because of hygienic reasons? Here we explain a number of advantages and disadvantages:

In the field of hygiene, shaving your armpits is definitely a good idea. When you have a large bunch of armpit hair, it can be more difficult to apply your deodorant properly or to keep things clean. This allows you to perspire more and if it is not completely clean, your armpits will certainly smell less fresh. Shaved or trimmed in this way help to keep out of arm.

Many athletes and bodybuilders prefer little or no body hair. For example, swimmers shave their armpits so that they are more streamlined and therefore have better hydrodynamics; all bits help. Even bodybuilders and fitness models often shave away most of their body hair so that their muscles come out better and they make a better impression. If you just have proper armpits, this can help with a better presentation of your body and your overall appearance.

Thursday, 29 November 2018


In short, when your arms are down and you still see hair coming out, this is not very clean under all circumstances. Therefore, at least go for a well-groomed look by using a pair of scissors or trimmer. As far as clean-shaven is concerned, it remains a personal issue. But if it is up to the (most) women, you can keep your razor better away from your armpits. Professional athletes get approval from the ladies. So if you prefer to opt for the smooth look, start a career as a bodybuilder or short track swimmer. After all, you have to have something for that.

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